September 2, 2009

"Excellent" Trust - The Truth

This is the truth about the performance on the ground of the "Excellent" Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foundation Trust:

Click on the image to see the Truth in Black & White and Blood-Red:

An absolute bloody disgrace that despite this the Trust is rated "Excellent".

But don't take the word of a drunken old hag like me. Read it for yourself from the Healthcare Commission's website.

I'm so depressed after reading it, that I'm going now, to get even more drunk, if indeed that's possible, and then listen to Flannagan and Allen.

On all of these points, the Trust scored in the LOWEST 20% of all NHS trusts:

Did the community psychiatric nurse listen
carefully to you?

Were you told about possible side effects of
any new medications?

In the last 12 months, did the provision of
talking therapies meet your requirements?

Can you contact your care co-ordinator if you
have a problem?

Do you understand what is in your care plan?

Have you been given (or offered) a written or
printed copy of your care plan?

In the last 12 months have you had a care

Were you told that you could bring a friend or
relative to your care review meetings?

Were you given a chance to talk to your care
co-ordinator about what would happen?

Were you given a chance to express your
views at the meeting?

Did you find the last care review helpful?

Were the activities provided by the day centre
or day hospital helpful?

Do you have the number of someone from NHS
services that you can phone out of office hours?

Has a member of your family or someone else
close to you been given enough information?

Has a member of your family or someone
else close to you had enough support?

Do you have enough say in decisions about
your care and treatment?




  1. You're very good when your drunk. Even when you're very drunk but the spelling goes a bit.

    Who's doing the meeting tomorrow?

  2. I have two friends who practice in this trust


  3. Henry, I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance. Any local gossip can be emailed in absolute (journalistic) confidence to[at]

    We love a bit of gossip.

  4. Sounds very like the neighboring Bedfordshire and Luton Partnership (or "pratnership, as a friend names it) Trust. Also scored in the bottom 20% for most (if not all) of these assessments, and more. Mind you, it was only rated as "good" - not excellent.

  5. Socrates gave me the URL for this. I have in the past experienced the mental health 'care' of Cambs MH 'Services'. Had I not had full insurance still in my home country I would now be dead, I had to fly back there to be admitted to hospital because the fuckwits at Cambs insisted I wasn't really ill. Luckily a number of docs in my home country disagreed, I spent 4 months in hospital including the PICU, and I'm still alive.

    Another medic at this trust, later, told me that I was partly responsible for abuse I suffered as an 8-year old. I ended up with a phobia of medics that lasted up to last year when I encountered the extremely good service provided in Edinburgh. They really are amazing.



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