September 2, 2009

More Local NHS "Excellence"

Dr Rita Pal writes on her blog Ward 87 about losing her father in a local NHS hospital. It's almost to much to follow. But read it anyway, because this is the truth about "Excellence" in the NHS.

"A Day With No Sunlight by Dr Rita Pal
Actually, he was found dead by our family.

He was in an acute cardiac unit, had been left unmonitored in the hospital of Clinical Excellence.

Papworth NHS Trust is not compelled by the laws of this land to record of father as a statistic [see email from the Department of Health below].

So apart from this article, there is no record of his death within NHS statistics.

He just joins everyone else in the UK number of deaths.

In addition, because the doctors cleverly failed to take blood cultures, the MRSA found in his sputum and the high white cell count is not recorded as a MRSA death.

He is not part of the MRSA statistics yet he should be.

My father was a consultant surgeon. His doctors were as follows

1. Mr Samer Nashef
2. Dr MC Petch
3. Mr Wells.
4. Mr Robert Bonser
5. Dr Francisco Leyva Leon...."

Continue reading the rest of Dr Pal's post here.

I've got no cheap shots to take.

Some things are beyond satire.


  1. A tip: Have a look at who was in charge of the PCT responsible for Papworth at the time.

  2. I have just been put under the care of Dr Leyva Leon, how worrying.


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