September 1, 2009

"Excellent" Trust Sends Autistics to Charities for Help

Trust to provide begging bowls in time for Christmas

A high functioning autistic

The "Excellent" Trust has in its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, told high-functioning autistics in Cambridgeshire, that charities will have to provide housing, employment and social care services, despite admitting

"It is now accepted that the belief that ‘high functioning’ [autism] is a ‘mild’ form of autism, is unwarranted"

And that:

"There is a risk that people with ... [autism] are unable to or have difficulty in accessing services"

Yes, there certainly will be difficulties in them accessing services when you tell them to fuck off.

They go on to say:

"people with [autism] often have patterns of skills that are uneven so that, while they are excluded from support on the basis that their IQ score is above 70, this is made up of very good performance skills, which are of little use in everyday life"

And the coup de grĂ¢ce?:

"in some cases, even when the person’s tested intellectual ability is uniformly high, in everyday life he or she is unable, because of difficulties associated with the psychopathology of [autism] to complete many of the most ordinary tasks"

So what does the "Excellent" trust say about providing for this extremely vulnerable group of more than 2500 adults in Cambridgeshire, that suffers from a 90% unemployment rate and sky-high levels of suicide?

"voluntary organisations could deliver these functions, to include: Training/employment, Education, Housing, Leisure and social activities, Welfare support, Information"

In other word we're going to do fuck all and palm you off on to the quixotic mercies of a bunch of upper-middle class twits, rattling the can at WI fetes, to pay for the basic social care services, that the government says must be provided by the state.


P.S. The National Autistic Society recently wrote to the Trust to ask them what they were doing for adult autistics. The Trust didn't bother replying.




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