August 29, 2009

Legal Aid to take "Excellent" Trust to the High Court.

Documents obtained by Trust Watch prove that their services are so "Excellent", that the Legal Aid board granted one patient more than £3500 to take the Trust to the High Court, to force them to provide services.

The Patient, already so ill and traumatized from many years of living rough had to give up the legal action because of the stress exacerbating his existing mental health and disabilities.

I was literally becoming psychotic from the extreme worry and anxiety

He said "I was already on a knife edge, terrified I was about to kill myself or someone else, I kept begging for help, and then on top of it, trying to cope with the stress of dealing with solicitors and barristers - it was just too much.

I was literally becoming psychotic from the extreme worry and anxiety. I had no choice, I had to tell the solicitor to forget it."

It is to say the least, unusual, for homeless, psychotics to be offered legal aid for judicial reviews - it attests to the "Excellence" of the Trust's commitment to offering

"best practice care and services".


  1. And dont they know they can get away with it. Your just another loony to them, doesnt matter to them if you end up dead or banged up. Its won less nutter to ignore. Wankers.

  2. Why wasn't this in the local papers? What the fuck are they there for? Advertizing local prozzies and tat you couldn't sell at a car boot?

  3. Yeah, where are the local paper journalist. Just don't give a fuck about a bunch of nutters. The staff care even less, hey leave you to get sectioned, bang you full of drugs and then they can do exactly what they want. Look what happened to Nick. You wouldn't get away with this ordinary patients.


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