August 7, 2009

Old Posh University teams up with "Excellent" Trust

Old Posh University teams up with "Excellent" Trust to deliver sub-standard care.
Peter Jones - Head of Old Posh University's Department of Psychiatry

Professor Peter Jones is the head of the University of Cambridge's Department of Psychiatry, and also has a role as a non-executive governor of the Trust. He is a thoroughly good clinician, well liked by the patients that are fortunate enough to have him as their doctor. He's very brainy, very hard working, honest and an all-round good-guy.

A patient has asked to send this letter to Peter, via Foundation Trust Watch:

Dear Peter,

Forgive me for getting straight to the point.

What the fuck's going on Peter?

Are you blind to the fact that the patients that aren't fortunate enough to have you looking after them, are having to put up having the shitty end of a sharp stick poked in their eye?

But, I mean, don't take our word for it, we're just a bunch of raving nutters - nobody listens to us, have a look at what the Healthcare Commission had to say about your Trust

And don't take their word for it either, the legal aid board reckoned that there was a better than evens chance of the Trust getting a good kicking in the High Court.

Do you think they're mad enough to throw money at mad people to go ranting through the judicial system, without there being some grain of truth in the demented ramblings of a homeless drunk?

Absolutely fucking atrocious care delivered (and often not delivered at all) at the whim and in the gift of a bunch of over-paid administrators, over-promoted clinicians, and delivered by under-qualified psychiatric care workers.

Get a Fucking Grip Peter.

Yours sincerely,


This is a guest post by a current patient of our "Excellent" Trust who wishes to remain anonymous, but will be writing under the psuedonym of "Intermezzo".


  1. He looks like he's got a small willy, too.



  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oh la de dah. I bet you've got a tdler too.

  4. That shouldd've been tiddler. Sorry bit Frunk.

  5. What did Intermezzo say to get Stalined? I think we should be told.

  6. The professor is probably scared of getting on the wrong side of Napoleon. They get treated with the same contempt we do. It's not the doctors in charge anymore. If you think they're the ones responsible, your wrong.

    It Squealer, Napoleon and Big-Flaps that are in charge. Why do you think they get paid more than the doctors? Most of the doctors are ok. Don't give them the roasting. Save it for the guilty.


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